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Fox - Reference Sheet by PokeartKid Fox - Reference Sheet by PokeartKid
A reference sheet for Fox, so I've got one to like to for commisonms/requests. About halfway photoshop fucked and i could ONLY WRITE IN CAPS... :shrug:

The quote is straight from my book.

1: A colour picture i done a little while ago, and my only current decent picture.

2: Fox's face from his left showing his muzzle pattern, it's pretty symetrical.

3: Skeleton. The skull actually had a little point, the skeleton's more random.

4: I usually draw with four or eight fangs depending on the character. Fox' teeth are pretty generic.

5: Fox is the most expressive of the characters, i sometimes give him eyebrows. It's the same colour as his muzzle/sox.

6: Pretty generic leg-drawing practice. The bottom one dosen't have the sock on it.

7: Fox's eyes are usually slighty oval unless his expresson calls otherwise.

8: In the book the character's element is revealed on the paw. This can be optional.

9: I have troubles drawing to skale...

10: Fox's tail and mane. A fox mane isn't supposed to be so furry, but heck. It makes him look fluffy.

/Edit: The picture provided isn't very clear. For a flat verson (as welll as the colour palette) go here: [link]

Note: If i've commised you, then please don't copy my style or anything!
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January 4, 2011
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